Don’t have a green thumb? get paint!

Don’t have a green thumb? get paint!

My thumb is pretty green. I guess you either have it, or you don’t. However I live in an environment with TONS of rocks and heat. So last year I took up painting rocks.

You know, sometimes you want a little color in places you don’t have water, but hand watering can get old. So I thought if I brightened up a few rocks, I wouldn’t need so many flowers! It’s fun, inexpensive and something to do when you just can’t be outside because of the heat. You could even have your kids try a few for a little summer, indoor project! What a nice keepsake for grandparents and parents, to have an original from your favorite toddlers.


I do spray my rocks with granite sealer after they are dry but out in the sun and heat they still need periodic touch ups! Miss lady bug up above could use a touch up but Mr. bumble bee holds up pretty well. I’m sure it has a lot to do with the rock and where the rock sits outside. The bumble bee is in the shade most of the time.

The other day I saw a cute idea and decided to paint my own happy cactus. In the desert I need at least one happy cactus, right? After a little granite spray today, she is going outside to join the lady bug and the bumble bee! Give it a try! It’s so much fun! Happy Friday!

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Where does ethical behavior come from?

Does everyone have the desire to be ethical?

I’ve just started reading a book on ethics. It’s been in the house for years and I discovered it yesterday. The book is comprised of people and institutions who have achieved success and who did so without lying, cheating, and stealing their way to the top. Leaders from various walks of life and the role that ethics, values, and character played in their lives and in their success.

The first featured example, Norman R. Augustine, former CEO of Lockheed Martin Corporation says he learned early on from his parents, and credits his father with being the most honest person he has ever known. That’s a pretty great parental example! When he was a young boy his dad left a clipping for him on his mirror in his room. The message said, Don’t wait until you are a man to be great, be a great boy. Augustine eventually became the National President of the Boy Scouts of America and spent 7 years as the Chairman of the American Red Cross. A man with a sense of duty and dedication to the service of others!

He credits a 6th grade teacher who was “tough as nails” and a high school fraternity many Denver high school students aspired to be in. The fraternity run by a man who allowed no smoking, drinking or drugs, encouraged community service and did not tolerate lying.

I thought the prayer of the high school fraternity was sound and beautiful:

Let us not be frightened by the problems that confront us, but rather give thee thanks that thou has given us the opportunity to show our worth. May we be part of the answer and not part of the problems of the youth of our age.










AMERICA-July 4th

AMERICA-July 4th

How ever you choose to celebrate today, we are all UNITED in the gift of a great Nation. We are truly blessed.

Since it’s about to be over 100 here in sunny Las Vegas, we attended the morning parade, sat in a shady spot and left early…because we could. We will be celebrating this great Country inside with A/C and an All-American meal including S’mores over the gas stove!

Have a happy, safe and celebratory 4th of July

God Bless America, land that I love…

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Biggest yard pet peeve

Biggest yard pet peeve

I think my biggest yard pet peeve besides having to pick up cat or dog poop when I don’t have an animal…is IRRESPONISBLE LEAVE BLOWERS.

Here is the situation. Lots of trees cause lots of leaves to drop. We all want the trees but we are not always so responsible with the fallen leaves. I try to keep my leaves swept out of the curb in front of my house. I have a tree that drops lots of leaves, so often times I will sweep my neighbors on both sides curbs up too. When I sweep I use a dust pan and pick up ALL THE LEAVES. Then my neighbors across the street have their yard guys come, and blow leaves out into the middle of the street!!!!! WHERE DO YOU THINK THOSE LEAVES END UP? Today as I was getting home from the gym my next door neighbor, who I love, was blowing leaves out of his yard into the middle of the street. He seriously looked at me like he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. What the heck?

The yard guys I tackled one day, and gave them heck. I told them they absolutely CAN NOT just blow those leaves into my yard or the middle of the street and leave them. I think that day they aimed and blew the leaves further down the middle of the street. But I have to be more careful with my neighbor…more tactful. So I will probably just wait that one out and clean it up (if the wind doesn’t come up and take care of it) after they all head off to work on Wednesday.

I would encourage you, if you have a leaf blower without a bag catcher, PLEASE blow the leaves into a pile and clean them up so your neighbors don’t have to.

Keeping your neighbors happy is always a good idea!





A little tip between the sheets

A little tip between the sheets


I’m not sure why it took me so long to figure this out, but since I just did, I thought I’d share the information. We have a king size bed. Sometimes when I buy a sheet set the top flat sheet is SO LONG on the sides. My summer, white comforter is short on the sides. SO, in order for the sheets to NOT hang out below the comforter, I realized I could turn the top to the side and it works much better!!!

In the 3rd picture you are seeing the side of my bed, but the top of the flat sheet (on the side). This makes for a big tuck at the bottom of the bed, which is also nice for staying tucked better. I don’t get it…I just like it much better now that the sides of my sheets don’t hang out below the comforter.

Hope this helps, if you have the same situation, and it may work for any size bed. Give it a try.




July-lets talk Independence

July-lets talk Independence

Are you an independent person? The meaning of the word is; NOT influenced or controlled, NOT subject to another’s authority, NOT relying on another. How independent are you?

Isn’t being independent what we should all strive for? Then we don’t allow our self to “depend” on others. Partnering with another is one thing but depending on them is something different. I want to DEPEND on the honesty, accountability, and consistency of my friends and family but I don’t want to depend on them for survival. Correct?

Children are counting on us to raise them and make them realize their independence. Then we let them go, and they become independent, hopefully. Elderly parents may become dependent on us again, at some point, because they no longer can do everything on their own.

This is extreme, but if you were stuck on an island alone, could you survive? If you couldn’t depend on anyone else would you make it? I suppose we don’t find out how strong our human spirit is until it is tested.

I admire the independence of youth today. They don’t feel they need to marry and have children in their 20’s like our generation. I think this establishes better independence for them, however if one is alone (independent) for too long does one become so independent that he/she now has a more difficult time finding a partner?

How independent should we be? It never occurred to me to think past getting married and having children, but many today establish their careers, travel, “do their own thing” before they even consider getting married. And many don’t choose marriage at all. Are people today too independent?

I don’t have answers today, just a lot of questions…

Happy July, time flies, Summer is hot, football is just around the corner!