the Cosmopolitan

the Cosmopolitan

We enjoyed our stay at the Las Vegas Cosmopolitan. If you are a lover of art the Cosmopolitan is the place for you. We had a beautiful newly remodeled room with a large bathroom and an amazing shower. Enjoy a quick glimpse.

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Hope you enjoyed your quick, inexpensive stay at the amazing Las Vegas Cosmopolitan!


Gold Star Weekend

Gold Star Weekend

This weekend I was with my friend & fellow Gold Star Mom Kaye. You remember, the fiesty little blonde that rode her bike across the Country from San Diego to One World Trade Center. This year for our annual Windy 25 memorial 5k, Kaye, her husband, Chris (the Mississippi River swimmer), and another Gold Star mom & dad came to Vegas to join our Legacies Alive Team. It was a fun filled weekend so I am sharing photos and a few highlights!

image.jpegThese are Gold Star Windy 25 families! This is why we do it. To honor 18 Americans who lost their lives on April 6th, 2005. Our family has participated for the past 3 years. Brian sings the National Anthem and Andrea flies in. Together we are prevlidged to participate and honor other Gold Star families for their sacrifices. If you would like to know more about this event, google Windy 25 Memorial 5k run Las Vegas.

image.jpegPictured in the beautiful chandelier bar of the Cosmopolitan, last night we shared a toast to our boys, Austin, John and Daniel.

image Our fearless leader Laura Viti told us about this drink and we had to try it. An “off the menu” speciality drink. Here is how it works. You take a sip of the delicious tequila mixed cocktail, then you eat the flower. It’s NOT tasty but you chew for about 20 seconds, get the flavor all over your mouth and the next sip of the drink creates an experience in your mouth you won’t soon forget! That sensation lasts a good while as you enjoy the refreshing cocktail.

For our boys, we will try anything!

It was a wonderful weekend at the Cosmopolition with memories we will all cherish!


Come join us next year, we would love to add to the size of our team!

new addition

new addition

Nope, it’s not a puppy!

It’s a money tree!!!

It doesn’t actually grow money (which would be spectacular) but it’s really cool. The braided trunk of this plant has had my attention for a while. I finally went down to the nursery and brought one home.

It’s botanical name is Pachira aquatica.

According to feng shui (an ancient art and science formalized over 3,000 years ago in China) a money tree will bring good luck and fortune to a home. The woman at the Nursery mentioned that I will need to braid the trunk as the tree grows. We will see how that goes.

Reading about the care of the plant and learning the feng shui caused me to reflect on our continued good luck and fortune. It’s always great to be reminded. Now whenever I see the plant I will once again, count my blessings.

What reminds you to count your blessings?






I currently have a painting obsession. I’m not sure what I will do when my entire house is repainted. I guess I’ll start on the furniture. Oh, I already did.

The idea that you can change the way something looks so dramatically with a simple coat or two of paint has my attention. It’s a cheap way to get a beautiful new look!

In February I painted the downstairs great room and Monday I started the master bedroom. I used the same color as downstairs (gray) because we love it and we had leftover paint. Who ever uses up all the paint? I did! I got 3 walls done in our master suite and need to go get more of the gray. I also painted one wall pink, which was fun and different! I hadn’t done an accent wall in years and decided with the size of this room it would be fun. At first I wasn’t sure about the results, but it is growing on me (as they say paint color will). I will share pictures when that room is completed.

I was committed to resting this week for our 5K run/ walk Saturday morning and had quite the backache from Monday’s painting of 3 large walls. However yesterday I got to looking at my dresser (NEVER LOOK) it’s dangerous, and decided it’s time to repaint it a softer color. When I painted it olive a couple years ago I loved it because at the time there was too many different wood stain colors in our bedroom. Now I have changed things around a bit and with the soft tone of the gray and a white coffee bar I wasn’t loving the green anymore so…


In this picture you can see the new gray color on the back wall, the old tan on the forward wall (with a blue I was trying) and there is the dresser, ready for it’s new look. I decided to sand it back down to wood on top and stain it and I’m going to paint it white. Last night I was only going to sand a little piece to see what it would look like, but I ended up doing the whole top and WHAT A MESS sanding in the house makes. When you live in a two story you may do crazy things (like sanding in the house) to avoid carrying things downstairs. Anyway it took a while to dust and vacuum up the mess but it’s done and ready for stain and paint.

I am taking today and tomorrow off to rest and will be back with a brand new dresser soon so stay tuned.



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My Decorator

My Decorator

Have I told you about my awesome interior designer? She is cheap but she ain’t easy. She has an unbelievable eye and is available pretty much 24/7. Oh, it’s my daughter. She attended design school for a year and loved it and she learned a lot in that year. She is a natural and it is helpful to get her input as I re-decorate. And by get her input I really mean, (get her approval).

Sometimes I’m mad that she is always right…but she is ALWAYS RIGHT! It’s annoying. Even when I argue with her about something I think I like, if I give it time I will almost always go with her ideas. She is talented.

Today I headed to Home Goods to get a large white pillow for my basket downstairs that holds throws. I wanted white because (farmhousie) and the basket and throw that is draped on the outside are both beige. I picked up two smaller white pillows.


I would have been satisfied with them, but I messaged Anne to ask what she thought. I had the two white pillows and also showed her two different pillows in blue tones. She didn’t like the two whites together and she didn’t like the blues I chose. So she said, “what else is there?”

I sent these pictures…

IMG_5604 (1)    IMG_5605

She enlarged the photos, looked around and would send back a close up of this and that and say, “show me this one, show me that one”.

Anne knows what I’m doing in the designing of my downstairs so she is aware of the carpet, chairs, sofa and other furnishings. These are the pillows I went home with after her help.


I am “old school” (you know, match things) so naturally I put the white pillow on the chair with black and white stripe cushions. I sent Anne pictures and she said, “I would put the orange one on the chair”. So I did… and loved it!

IMG_5653                      FullSizeRender (114)

I would have NEVER found this combination of throw pillows, chose them, or dreamed I would love the way they look. That’s Anne for you…or actually, that’s Anne for me!

My sofa is FINALLY coming after 8 weeks and I am excited to show you photos of the finished project! It’s been fun and kind of a dull headache at the same time.





In what aspect of life do you exhibit the most confidence? Is it your intelligence? Your appearance? Your faith? Your personality? Parenting? Your work? Service? All of the above?

Where do you shine brightest?

Confidence comes from within. A confident person doesn’t feel the need to convince others of who they are and what they are about. It will come through naturally.

One doesn’t need to speak on their intelligence as it will become obvious. Appearance is apparent to all who see you. Faith and personality will be reflected in how you act and live. Parenting success will be revealed through your children. Your hard work will become obvious as you climb the ladder of success. And boasting about helping others is not necessary because those we help will do that for us.

“When I was a child my mother said to me, if you become a soldier, you’ll be a general. If you become a monk, you’ll be the pope. Instead I became a painter and wound up as Picasso.”   Pablo Picasso


Have a fantastic week!