Talkin sh**

Talkin sh**

I don’t mean gossip. I mean regular bowel activity. If it isn’t happening in your life, you aren’t living. Simply stated, if you are not regular and outputting as much as you are in taking I would recommend a visit to your Doc.

I was getting to a point a few years back where I was miserable and didn’t realize I had developed an intolerance for gluten. Once diagnosed and action taken I have become a much happier individual. We might “think” we are regular but still are not as regular as we should be. At any rate there could be several reasons, lots of factors to consider but I sincerely recommend the belly that is emptied out on a regular basis!      It’s amazing!

And this post is proof- that I love you THAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT MUCH!





Medical Maintenance Month

Medical Maintenance Month

No matter what age, once we are adults we should establish a Maintenance Month. Each year during that month we should make all of our check-ups and appointments for the year. I suggest a month because otherwise, time gets by and we forget and before we know it 2-3 years scoot by without our maintenance checks. Choose your birthday month, spring break or start of summer (if you teach) or beginning of winter before the holidays. Whatever you will remember to do yearly is the best month to choose.

I am doing my maintenance this month. January is an otherwise uneventful month and a great time to get this all done. I have the dentist today, the doctor next week and just had my annual eye exam. The doctor visit will include a referral for the mammogram.

Sometimes in our busy life we take care of everyone else and forget to take care of the caretaker.


Don’t let things get in the way of taking care of the most important person, YOU!



Friends, please, please don’t…

Friends, please, please don’t…

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor, nurse, physiologist, nutritionist, or heath care worker. I am simply a friend who cares about your health.

Every time I see an add for loosing weight claiming you can drop several pounds in a week, I’m like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! DON’T!

Friends don’t let friends DIET!   DON’T DIET, LIVE IT!

The weight isn’t going to stay off when you introduce something into your body that is foreign. Think about it guys and gals-there is NO magic.

It took a while to get where you are, there is NO INSTANT cure. The only way to make lasting changes is to change your bad habits, the ones that got you there in the first place. Moving your body daily and controlling your portions (especially as we age) is what will do the trick. After 30 we no longer can eat a whole bag of chips or a whole pound of See’s or have 3 cocktails…those days are OVER BABY! I don’t believe in giving up things either because as soon as you say “no more chocolate” that is all you will want, I promise you.

It’s not difficult to read and educate yourself on healthy eating. It’s everywhere. Here are some tricks I have found to be helpful.

Fill your plate at the stove and DON’T GO BACK FOR MORE. Use a smaller plate not a dinner size plate, the lunch size. Eat slower and realize this is it, no going for seconds so enjoy the smaller portion in front of you. If you have leftovers then you have lunch tomorrow already prepared! When you want chips take a few out of the bag and put them on a plate (a small one) and savor them, don’t take the bag to the TV- that is dangerous!

Figure out how to get some kind of exercise in EVERY SINGLE DAY. It doesn’t have to be conventional gym workouts. (The gyms are crowded right now with New Years Resolution junkies). Yardwork, walking kids to the park, (if you do everything a toddler does you will get an unbelievable workout)! Ride a bike around the block a few times, find stairs and climb up and down them several rounds, dance, do some kicking and punching, try running (jogging) just a house or two in your neighborhood as many times as you can. Watch a U tube video, buy some weights, kettlebells, an elastic band, or / and a balance ball. Skip around your block, while watching one show at night move during the entire show. Plank, try doing push-ups, challenge yourself to learn something new, SO MANY OPTIONS!!! Find something you love to do that gets you off the couch! 10 minutes a day is better than 0 minutes a day. If your having fun you will stay with it longer!

Please, please don’t enter Biggest Looser Contests or take diet anything, just make small changes that you can live with FOREVERMORE! Be healthy, happy and realize it’s going to take some time. A good relationship doesn’t develop in a week, it takes time, energy and interest! So does learning healthy habits for life.

One of my favorite workouts is to go to the park and make up an obstacle course out of things I see. Benches (for squats) (or lunges) hills, a large grassy area for jogging or kicking to the other side, sidewalk for skipping, take a ball and throw it up against a wall and catch it, there is no limit to making up fun things to do while getting work in at the same time. Creating these workout will also challenge your mind (good for the ol’ brain too).

I hope this post has motivated you or re-energized you to find little ways in each day to make big changes!





One thing we can’t overdo

One thing we can’t overdo

We can spoil and overindulge children in many ways, but there is one thing we will never overdo! READING TO THEM.

Have you ever heard anyone say “wow, that child was read to way too much”? probably not. While there are plenty of opportunities to spoil and indulge, I don’t believe that is possible with reading!

I am thankful to this day for how much my mother-in-law read to our son. My sister was just reminding me how she is grateful and has wonderful memories of our mom reading to us and taking us to the bookmobile. We always had stacks of books to read. Do you remember the Bookmobile?IMG_4127

My sister is an avid reader. I read regularly. Our children all read and they were all above average students. If you know a child you can read to, take advantage of it. It just might make an incredible difference for them.

I decided to read to Tyler and Wes at the park today. They each brought a book and I brought one they hadn’t seen before. I brought a little snack, we read and they got a little park time in too. Basically, a great 1st session. Lets read to kids!

IMG_4130   IMG_4132   IMG_4133


Getting better daily

Getting better daily

Everyone wants to be “better” in the New Year. Eat better, exercise more, drink less, save money, get organized, be a better friend,volunteer, recycle…you know, the new year, new start theory.

What if we do our “resolve” each morning? As we are waking up and stretching before coffee, before the day gets crazy, maybe we review what we might like to accomplish and how we are going to be “better” today than we were yesterday? It is a simpler task in small increments (daily) opposed to committing to a whole year. Also maybe easier to catch yourself and get back on track quickly if you review daily. For those stricken with insomnia reviewing what you didn’t do well today and want to improve tomorrow might be a good idea and may just put you to sleep. You know, just like a good prayer, you get started and then… zzzzzzzzz

I think resolving to be better is admirable, I think it is more do-able checking yourself daily! IMG_2463


small cup=more refills & a couple DIY’s to start the New Year

small cup=more refills & a couple DIY’s to start the New Year

My daughter found this pretty cup and bought it for me. It’s small, but I love it and on the days I use it I get to fill my cup up several times. I drink 2 cups in the morning when using my normal size mug but when I use this pretty little cup I get to refill 5 or so times. I’m not drinking any more coffee but it feels like I am. It’s fun. I was just mocking my dear friend recently for her tiny coffee cups. It’s okay Leanne I use them too, sometimes.

For 2018 I have several “warm up my home” ideas and yesterday we did two of them. By “WE” I mean I did very little and my husband handled them like a handy husband would.

Both my dining chairs and my old bench cedar chest needed to be recovered. They were both in off-white fabric that over time has become more “off” than white. Here is the “after” results of my …ok, his projects.

IMG_4085       IMG_4086

Both the dining room set and the bench seat are old. My husband inherited the dining room set from his Grandmother and my parents bought me the bench cedar chest for my high school graduation. Both have been re-covered several times.

It’s fun to do these projects, mostly because I shop for the fabric and then my husband handles the rest but the change makes me feel like I have something different.

Welcome 2018- I can’t wait to see what is in store for us this year.

Happy January! If you are working, at least it’s a short week.





reflections-a year of milestones

reflections-a year of milestones

In January of 2017 I was thrilled to connect with the mom of one of my former day care kids. I hadn’t seen Jean in years and catching up was wonderful. We shared our sadness’s and our joys over the past 2 decades.

IMG_69832017 brought 60th birthdays to several of my very best friends and I was blessed to spend time with all of them. The 2 men and the 3 ladies in the center…ALL 60 NOW!

IMG_0496IMG_4340IMG_1909 (1)

In May I visited West Point and spoke about our son to the entire sophomore class. The academy asks friends and relatives of the fallen to bring the reality of military life to the cadets before they fully commit to the Army. It was a remarkable experience.


Two of my previous cheerleaders came to Las Vegas and contacted me for a visit. I am always over the moon when young women I coached want to see me and catch up. As I’m looking at these pictures Nataie and Carly look like they could be sisters…they are not related! Both wonderful young ladies!

FullSizeRender (155)IMG_9285

In May our daughter turned 30 and we hosted a small family and close friends surprise for her in Southern California. It was a fun day at the home of Annie and Brad, two of her best friends.

FullSizeRender (156)IMG_9395

In June and September we attended the weddings of Daniel’s two best friends. His high school best friend was married in June and his West Point best friend in September. Attending these weddings was a challenge for me. Although I was thrilled to be present at such a monumental time in Derek and Matt’s lives, I missed Daniel and thought of him constantly during those weekends. Complete joy and deep sadness fighting one other, is the only way I can describe it. Derek married Jenny, who was also one of Daniel’s best girlfriends through Jr high and high school. She is a sweetheart and Daniel adored her! That cute little guy in the second picture is Matt’s nephew Caden Daniel, middle-named after Daniel. His dad and mom Jen and Nick (Matt’s brother) are also two of Daniel’s best friends. Two beautiful weddings, 4 wonderful individuals, families we love and cherish, the best of the best!

IMG_9516                          IMG_3231

June was busy! The week after Derek and Jenny’s wedding, we sent our friend Kaye off from San Diego to bike across America. Raising awareness of Gold Star Families was her main objective. A couple of weeks after her send-off I found myself driving to Blythe, Ca to meet up with her and join her for a couple days of biking. I was able to ride 25 miles in honor of Daniel and it was an experience I won’t forget.

IMG_9731                           IMG_9773

October brought another challenge with Daniel’s 10 year West Point class reunion. His classmates wanted us to come, but I couldn’t do it. I was shocked and surprised how this milestone affected me. I think for the first time in almost 8 years since his death I was mad. Thinking of his potential being cut so short hurt me and angered me to the core. Andrea attended for her brother and had a great weekend and that is the way it was meant to be! She is now “Andy” in the class of 2007 at West Point!

I decided to take a trip to the ocean and 3 of my besties met me there. It was a beautiful, fun, food eating and wine drinking, great distraction!

FullSizeRender (154)

In November my mom turned 80. A memorable day of celebration, she was so grateful. We are thankful to have her healthy, self sufficient and active at 80.

img_1828.jpg              FullSizeRender (130)

In between these memorable moments, I hung out with my 4 little boys who bring me joy I cannot describe. I took a beautiful trip to a peaceful town in Utah alone.  I’m thankful I’m willing to do solo road trips. Throughout 2017 I shared joyful, happy times with great friends and young people I adore! I am blessed!

FullSizeRender (40)     FullSizeRender (39)    IMG_2585    IMG_1970

FullSizeRender (27)    fullsizerender-75.jpg    FullSizeRender (84)

IMG_0250  IMG_8253   IMG_7498

IMG_8325    red hat group    IMG_3654

Peace, love, health and joy to all of my reading friends in 2018! Let’s do this!