There’s a new Hyde in town

There’s a new Hyde in town

During our recent trip to Modesto we were blessed to meet and hold the newest member of our extended family.

Anakin Hyde Ten Fingers was born on November 6, 2017. He weighed in at 7 lbs. 6oz. and is a tiny but mighty 18″ long.

Anakin, named after Daniel, means soldier in Native American. We are deeply touched that this family has invested so much in honoring our dear son. Daniel’s picture stands on the mantel in the Ten Fingers home and the children are being raised to know and understand who Daniel was, both to their dad Guy, and to America.

Daniel played high school basketball with Guy (who is a basketball legend) and the entire family keeps Daniel’s memory alive and close. They are an unbelievably caring family and have given us a great gift in the naming of their son. Riley, their daughter is now a freshman at Downey and made the JV basketball team. Watch out folks…there is another Ten Fingers playing basketball on the courts at Thomas Downey!


Anakin Hyde, we wish you years of health, happiness, success and love. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

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are you willing to stand alone?

are you willing to stand alone?

Once we grow up we no longer need to worry about peer pressure or following the crowd, do we?

Even middle age adults at times, still feel that pressure. We are afraid to say how we really feel. However we should not be. We need to be who we are. Hopefully that is an honest person with good intentions. We do not need to change who we are or how we feel to please someone else, or to fit in the circle of someone else. In the same way, we should not expect others to see things the same way we do.

Disagreeing is part of humanity. We can’t expect each human to look at any issue and feel the same way about it. Sometimes there are only two sides, sometimes many more. I feel we could get a long way in life if we would hear others opinions and ideas and respect how they see things without feeling like we must agree or pretend to. Never should we need to compromise our own ideals and thoughts, because someone has expressed disapproval.

We need not “filter” our life to make it work for someone else. Hopefully the good person we strive to be will be showcased in the way we talk and act…hopefully!





80 years…

80 years…

Today we celebrated our mom’s 80th birthday!

She has 4 children, 3 children-in-law, 7 grandchildren, 3 grand-dogs and 2 cats! It’s hard to believe she is 80 and equally hard to believe her kids are 60, 59, 55, and 51!

No one can create a collage like my older sister, no one can sleep through a party like my younger sister, and no one can tease like the little brother. Mom definitely likes the little brother the best! Who can blame her…we all like him best too.

“today you are about 29,332 days old. Now 80 doesn’t sound so bad does  it”…unknown

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For the love of Veteran’s

For the love of Veteran’s

According to The American War Library: A Military Veteran is ANY person who served for any length of time in any military service branch…Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines. Certain Coast Guard personnel operating under the War Dept., Navy Dept. or Dept. of Defense are also military veterans.

Under Federal law a Veteran is any person, who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. (Discharges marked General and Under Honorable Conditions also qualify).

I am thrilled to know so many Veterans. Saturday we HONOR YOU! You, who were brave and selfless enough to say, “I want to serve”, being courageous enough to sign up during War time. I still can’t grasp it. The United States hasn’t drafted since the Vietnam War. Those men and women who have served since Vietnam are doing so willingly!

To all Veteran’s, although thanks will never be adequate, THANK YOU for your SERVICE! To those that continue to suffer from injuries both physical and mental, please continue to search for support as we pray for your healing. We can never imagine what you have experienced and what you deal with on a daily basis once you make it home.


and special thanks (in our case) to the Goodwin Family (Daniel’s Godparents and siblings) who keep Daniel’s resting place beautiful and always visitor friendly.



Everything in moderation, including fear

Everything in moderation, including fear

I used to tell my cheerleaders they should “fear” me, just a little. I wanted them to keep in mind there would always be consequences for not following the rules, and there always was!

I think a lot of their parents “feared” me more. That was because once the girls got to know me they understood my bark was worse than my bite. I still bit, but only when provoked (like a good dog). But they also got to see the good coaching side of me. The side that tried to teach them life lessons, and how to deal in the real world after cheerleading and high school. The side that wasn’t their parent or friend. The side that expected a lot, but helped them acquire the skills for being fantastic cheerleaders and good, strong, capable women.

Having “fear” is good. Being controlled by fear, isn’t. Fear is your natural instinct to realize there is a potential problem and figure out a way to handle it. Always fearing everything takes away that ability, because you no longer can separate the good fear (instinct) from your every day fear about everything. (paranoia)

In the book I just finished I learned so much about natural instinct and how society (news, and social media) can teach you to be fearful of everything instead of only fearing the things that warrant it.

I recommend the reading of this book to every female on the planet. I underlined so many places. It is not a “feel good” book, it is a book that could someday save your life or the life of someone you love, because of what you learned from it. This is my second post about this book. I feel that strongly about it.

“Pain and fear are necessary and valuable components of life. Suffering and worry are destructive and unnecessary components of life”. “When you feel fear, listen. When you don’t feel fear, don’t manufacture it”.





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The Holidays…

The Holidays…

Yesterday I was thinking about our Thanksgiving menu. My mom’s 80th birthday is in 5 days and Christmas is RIGHT around the corner. Only 47 shopping days left…

I try to use ESTY when I’m searching for unique gifts. There are so many ideas, you can usually find whatever you are  looking for and sometimes things you love but had no idea existed. It’s a great way to help the small business owner and the JOY of shopping online is such a GIFT.

Last year I was looking for stockings. I found a site and had my stockings custom made. It’s a little hard to tell but each one is trimmed with a different color. One red, one green and one gray! I LOVE them.

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This summer I wanted to brighten up my backyard in a spot with no sprinklers. I found a site that makes recycled aluminum flowers and I LOVE them.


And finally a shop that I order a Christmas ornament from every year. These are the 2017’s just added to the shop.


We all have those individuals on our shopping list who have everything and don’t NEED a thing. Shopping ETSY can save you! When you are ready, put on some Christmas music, make some hot cocoa and “go to town” in the comfort and convenience of your warm home.




A dog for Daniel

A dog for Daniel

With all the bad news of these trying times I LOVE to share good news!

At the end of October I was contacted by the mother of a classmate of Daniel’s at West Point. She started a foundation in memory of her son Jason who was KIA in 2014 and had been wearing Daniel’s bracelet up to the time of his death. The foundation annually raises money with a very successful golf tournament. The proceeds from the golf tournament are then used to help other remarkable organizations.

Jason’s mom connected with Tails of Valor, Paws of Honor, and learned that for a donation (5000.00) they name a puppy after a fallen soldier and train that puppy for a year or so to be a service dog given to a disabled veteran. There is already a Jason dog so…


You can imagine my joy when this beautiful woman asked if our family would allow their foundation to sponsor and name a dog after Daniel. The answer to that was (as fast as I could type back), YES, we would be honored.

I can’t wait to meet little four legged “Hyde” and see pictures of this amazing tribute to Daniel. The fact that this dog will eventually be helping a disabled veteran sends chills up my spine!

I’m constantly spellbound by the out-pouring of love that continues to fill our hearts with joy in memory of Daniel.

THANK YOU…Suzy and the Captain Jason Jones Memorial Foundation, for this most recent gift.