a profound thought

a profound thought

Janine Shepherd is a former cross-country skier who endured a horrible accident while riding a bicycle. She has a brilliant story about recovery, attitude, moving on, changing plans and never giving up on who you can become.

She was a guest on a Ted-talk and she said something that struck me as so beautifully profound. She said…

“you never really know how strong you are until strong is the only choice you have.”

Give that some thought and look her up. Her story is quite inspiring!





kids corner-when they fall

kids corner-when they fall

In every meaning of the word “fall”. Physically, emotionally, spiritually, developmentally. We don’t like to see our kids fall.

Lets talk about the first one. When they are young and fall down, the lesser attention and big deal made of it, the lesser will be their reaction. Unless they are really hurt which you will know by the outpouring of blood or teeth missing. A parent can usually tell by the cry or reaction if a child is really hurt. If they are not and it was a fall for whatever reason talking in a normal voice and encouraging them to pop back up makes for an easy experience. If you immediately run to them with, “oh no”, (baby talking) sympathy, cuddling them reaction, they will almost always play off of that reaction and cry and pout for a while. This becomes the normal and a habit very quickly.

I’m for encouraging a bit of “toughness” in kids. In every aspect of their life we need to encourage toughness. For the world will surly deliver some difficult situations where being tough will help. If they can fall and get up even perhaps with a scrape of the knees they will learn that falling down is okay, it’s not the end of the world. It’s easy to get up and keep moving. This is what we want for our children in every aspect of falling. Encouraging toughness, getting back up and trying again.

They will learn that falling is part of life and the best way to manage it and perhaps avoid it happening again, is to GET BACK UP and keep moving. Sometimes our reaction to a situation can give a child the cue of how they should be reacting instead of us letting them figure out that reaction, on their own.

A little “observation” from an “experienced” lady watching many, many kids grow up.

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She’s 61

She’s 61

My older sister is 61 today! She reads my blog faithfully so I thought I’d surprise her with a blog post.

I can’t believe how much this woman has accomplished in her years. She has been teaching elementary school for at least 35 years. She has her Doctorate in education and accomplished that while working full time and birthing and raising 4 boys.

She never complains (at least not to me). She loves doing all sorts of home improvements, reads constantly, and loves to garden. She is a real go getter! She has been excited about teaching every single day of her life and although she is retiring soon she will miss teaching SO MUCH! Every student who has ever had the good fortune to have her has been blessed with a teacher who cares, loves what she does, and is genuinely concerned about giving the very best education to each and every student!

I’m really proud to be her YOUNGER sister!

Love you Brenda Meyer Nixon! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

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can’t say goodbye

can’t say goodbye

Brian and I met Matt and Sara 4 1/2 years ago when we moved to Las Vegas. We bought houses in the same neighborhood. Matt is in the Military (Air Force Pilot) and so naturally we connected immediately. Matt is close to Daniel’s age.

Soon after we met we found out Sara was expecting their first baby. A baby that would change all of us, for the better.

Enter TYLER.


I must have fallen in love with this little guy right from the start because we have been buddies, ever since. I think back on all the food I’ve fed him, baths I’ve given him, walks between our houses while we chatted the entire time, shows I’ve recorded for him, tracks I’ve built with him, my introducing him and his family to See’s candies and Tyler knowing that WHENEVER he came to Glenda’s there would ALWAYS be CHOCOLATE.

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Tyler is always happy! He is clever, a problem solver, and he can get whatever he wants with his sweet little voice and eyes that look straight through to your soul. He loves to help Brian work, watch a good Monster truck or race car show and he loves to build tracks for his cars. We have built tracks out of Easter eggs, rocks, wrapped chocolates, beads, wood blocks and Legos…it doesn’t matter. Whatever makes a track, makes Tyler happy. One day Tyler was building with blocks after I had given him a bath and he started singing AMAZING GRACE. I thought I’d never have a whole heart again because mine had melted. And even after Tyler’s little brother Wes came along Tyler and I both knew that nothing and no one could break the bond that we have and nothing ever will.




I suppose you know what I am leading up to. The goodbye. We always knew with Tyler’s daddy in the Military the day would come when they would have to move. Well that time has arrived. Sara and I have decided we can’t say good-bye. Just, until we meet again or will chat on facetime (whatever the equivalent is for Europe). Yes, I said Europe. Not only are they moving but they are headed to Germany for 3 years. When I think about the reality of this I actually want to throw up a little. Not being able to go get Tyler anytime I want to come and play with me is going to be tough. But I do look forward to hearing about all of his adventures, family fun and travels in the next few years. What a great opportunity for this young family that we will miss an awful lot.

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summer wine

summer wine

I had a glass or two of this sauvignon blanc with a friend years ago in Modesto. I really enjoyed it and have looked for it a few times, with no success. Yesterday I was in Cost Plus World Market and ran across it so I bought a bottle to see if it was as good as I remembered. IT IS.

Refreshing and light with a great label (which is how I normally choose wine). I highly recommend it! Oh, and the best perk, it’s less than $12.00 per bottle.


Also: a little DIY.

We wanted to get rid of a few things that have piled up in our side yard and while cleaning last weekend my husband found the stump of our tree that uprooted twice in crazy Vegas wind storms. I asked him to cut the trunk in 3 pieces that are different heights. Hubby secured them into the ground and I think I’m going to get succulents in small pots and put one on top of each.

I love the idea of keeping our tree in our backyard!


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Are you kidding me?

Are you kidding me?

You and your partner are getting ready to go out. You discuss the type of dress the occasion calls for. When your partner is ready you don’t know if you should laugh or cry. Are you kidding me? Why are you wearing that? What are you thinking?  (You are saying these things in your mind, because you are afraid to say them out loud).

There can be ramifications for disapproval. You want to accept your partner for who he/ she is. You are not liking the outfit, but perhaps others will. You are completely embarrassed to be seen with your partner dressed as he/she is.

We have probably all been in this situation at one time or another. It is not limited to couples. It can be a parent not happy with the way their child is dressed. Children embarrassed because mom is 50 and dresses like she is 25. Mom’s who try and compete with their daughters (or share clothes) are the worst. We may be the same size, but we are not the same age!

What is the solution?

Do you say something and deal with the ramifications? Do you stay quiet and hope you don’t see anyone you know?










teasing vs. bullying

teasing vs. bullying

A healthy amount of teasing that starts at home among siblings and then may carry on between friends at school is probably inevitable and possibly even good for most of us. When it changes to demining and aggressive and makes a person want to avoid the people doing it…it has become bullying.

The other day I thought about a walk I did for the March of Dimes in 8th grade. At the time I was separated from the girlfriend that I started the walk with and a group of boys riding bikes or walking by yelled over to me, “are you are girl? or a boy?” I hadn’t thought about that comment for many years but recently it came back to me. I can’t remember how I felt about it at the time, but I sure felt mad about it when I remembered it recently.

I think a certain amount of teasing may be good for everyone. People have become overly sensitive about everything and saying almost anything that is not perfectly positive can get a person into trouble.

How do we proceed? Do we only speak positive uplifting comments to everyone we encounter? That is probably not possible in an imperfect world. Has all teasing become taboo and inappropriate?

I think about the little boys in our life, all of whom are now in pre-school and heading to kindergarten. I don’t want any of them to EVER feel hurt or discouraged by others comments and criticisms. However I also would love for them to learn to lighten up and laugh at themselves occasionally. I would love for them to know that sometimes others can tease them in fun without trying to be hurtful or a bully.

Where is the balance?