Are we considered a homebody because we love our home? Or because we don’t like to travel? Are some people naturally not able to sit still, while others could sit all day long, every day? Does it have to do with age?

I’ve always considered myself a homebody. One might not think so based on the amount of time I’m gone from home. I’m gone, usually because my people are somewhere else, and since I’m retired, I can be.

When I worked full time and my kids were young, I wanted to be home. Aside from the vacations etc. we enjoyed being home as a family. My husband enjoys watching TV, but he works hard, keeps long hours and travels, so I get it. He plays “catch up” TV on weekends. He loves his recorded regular shows and sports.

I love the house I currently live in. I love my yard, now that it’s smaller and more manageable. I like a clean house and I enjoy cooking most nights…NOT every night. So, I have lots of reasons to stay home. It’s hot in Vegas but I like to read, put puzzles together, practice my clarinet, color and paint, all indoor activities. I really don’t watch too much TV. I will avoid the grocery store at all costs. I don’t know why, I just don’t like to grocery shop. I’m not really a good window shopper either. I mean if you need it buy it, otherwise the nonsensical looking around doesn’t do anything for me.

So again, the question, are we naturally a homebody? or do we become a homebody? Are we only a homebody when we are home? Or are we always a homebody that WILL travel when necessary?

What are you? A homebody or a busybody?






One thought on “Are you a “homebody?”

  1. I am a homebody for sure. Always have been. People might not think so because of all the RVing we do, but in a sense that is my 2nd home. So far the longest I’ve been away from home is ten days. I’m working my way up to two weeks!


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