Today I wanted to acknowledge and give credit and thanks to my teaching friends everywhere! What a difficult job you have! What a blessing you are to so many!

I have several friends and relatives who teach. My older sister is an exceptional elementary school teacher. Many of the young women I’ve coached over the years, have made teaching their chosen career. To those who teach- you are a gift and a safe-place to many young people. You take on the job of teacher, mother/father, nurse, counselor, friend, coach and mentor. Your hats are many, your days are busy and your nights are sacrificed for correcting papers and prep. While some would say that teachers only work a 6 hour day, I know MUCH BETTER. I don’t think my sister has ever WATCHED a movie. She listens, while correcting papers each night and planning her next awesome day.

I’m gratetful beyond words for the wonderful influence and impression left upon my own children by outstanding teachers and coaches throughout their life. Sometimes you are making impressions you are not even aware of. I still remember my 5th grade teacher 50 years later!

I know it is becoming more and more challenging to teach. Yet, where would we be if everyone gave in to the challenges?

So today verbally, but everyday quietly I’m SO THANKFUL FOR WONDERFUL TEACHERS. If you are still teaching, thank you! If you have retired from teaching, you deserve it, enjoy it.

And may young people everywhere continue to be blessed and grateful for the extraordinary teachers who impact their lives in ways to numerous to count!

Enjoy your summer break, my dear teaching friends.

ultimate listeningFullSizeRender (27)friends

listening 2listening vows.jpgred hat dara and Steph



3 thoughts on “Appreciating teachers- mid summer!

  1. What a sweet thing to read in the summer! Tomorrow is the last day of summer school, and I’m hoping for one week before the Back-to-School ads start! Thank you!


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