To beat or to NOT beat the fudge

To beat or to NOT beat the fudge

One of my fondest memories of Christmas is watching and waiting while my mom sat on the couch and beat the fudge. She concentrated, to achieve the exact right amount of beating for the fudge to get firm and yet still be creamy. It seemed like it took forever…

Today I made fudge and did not beat it at all. It is creamy and not grainy and so I’m wondering WHY do people still beat fudge?

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Why we do it…

Why we do it…

For years I have placed the nativity in front of our tree and the gifts. It serves as a reminder to our family what our focus is. While the gifts, cookies, family, friends, parties, shopping madness, and decorating are fun…

We are most thankful for baby Jesus!

Happy Wednesday the 13th to you! Take a few moments to slow down and appreciate something more than the craziness that abounds during the Holidays.

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On the 12th day of Christmas…

On the 12th day of Christmas…

Or is this the first day of Christmas? Or is it just crazy that Christmas is only 12 days away? Even though the song calls for a partridge in a pear tree, or 12 drummers (whichever way you count) the reality is there are only 12 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS.

I have not baked any cookies yet and although I try to eat a gluten free diet, I will eat a few cookies (if I ever get any baked). What is your favorite cookie?

I thought I might try some fudge this year with peppermint pieces broken and sprinkled on top. That would be Christmas-ish, tasty and fudge is gluten free. It’s a good option although I don’t have great luck with fudge getting nice and hard. How about you? What is your favorite fudge?




I best get busy with this day. Drink coffee, finish a book, workout and get to baking and fudging! Happy Tuesday and first of the 12 days LEFT until Christmas!

Since the gym was full of cleaning smelling products when I was trying to workout yesterday I got frustrated and left. So today the plan is some cardio and some upper body weights! What is your workout plan for the day? Eating cookies or fudge doesn’t count as weight lifting…unless your fudge is REALLY HARD!

“if you don’t push yourself you’ll never know what you are capable of”…Daniel Hyde

Coffee Cup Christmas collection

Coffee Cup Christmas collection

I love a good coffee mug! Who doesn’t? I love the variety in which people love them. Some like all matching, some like mis-matched (me) and some like to drink their coffee out of teeny, tiny, pretty coffee cups (Leanne) so when staying at her house I need 40 cups of coffee…(minor exaggeration)!

After we moved to Las Vegas I inadvertently mentioned to one of my former cheerleaders that I was currently drinking coffee from a mug she had given me. She was surprised that I remembered and I told her I always loved the mug and would never forget that she had filled it with chocolate and given it to me the year we had a cheer party at her home! It impressed her that I remembered these details.


Each Christmas since I have received a beautiful coffee mug from this sweet young lady! Although not necessary I must admit, I look forward to this gift each year. She always sends chocolate with it (just like the first time)!  It’s so sweet and thoughtful and she has excellent taste! Here is the collection.


The gift is always wrapped in glittery, pretty tissue with a card and lots of pretty gold ribbon! I am not a fan of opening gifts early but I always make an exception in this case, to be sure it arrives in one piece, the chocolate doesn’t get “stale” and I can enjoy the mug throughout the season. This year she included a lovely wine stopper! SO ELEGANT! I will feel fancy using this beautiful cup this year!

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look at the detail on the handle!

In search of a Hallmark movie setting!

In search of a Hallmark movie setting!

Recently I discovered that a Hallmark Christmas movie was filmed in a town in Utah. I have not spent much time in Utah even though I live next door, so I decided to take a road trip in search of this little town. The first night after arriving I drove through a light show on the golf course in Spanish Fork.


The next day I explored Mapleton. I was in complete awe of how picturesque this tiny town is. There are no restaurants, hotels or grocery stores, just homes but the towns next to Mapleton are larger with all the services. I was so impressed with the beauty of this place that I took a million pictures… so please share and enjoy the charm and beauty of this tiny town with me.

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ok, ok, you get the idea. I could NOT STOP with the pictures, but the best part was I enjoyed 2 days in a COLD, quiet, peaceful environment. I feel blessed and thankful that I could have this awesome get away to such a divine setting.


cards & notes brighten our day

cards & notes brighten our day

Do you ever wonder what to do with your Christmas cards or notes and cards that you receive during the year? I have a lovely idea that was passed on to me from a dear friend and she invited me to share it.

You can create a display area for love letters, notes and cards.  Go to that area in your home when you need a little “pick me up”. What a blessing to reflect on the love and friendships that are most important in life. We love to receive hand written notes and cards and we should treasure those who take the time and thought to write them. Maybe this can be in an area that you enjoy meditating, praying, or having tea.

We live in a world that is fast paced and often we are guilty of whirling through the days. It would be good for all of us to  take a few minutes out of each day to stop and be thankful and think of the wonderful people who are most important to us.

I love this idea Anna and I thank you for being a dedicated reader and fan of my blog and a blessing in my life! Your heart is so pure and sweet, it is an honor to know you and call you my friend.







Army/Navy football-a Hyde tradition

Army/Navy football-a Hyde tradition

Our little family of 3 attended the Army/ Navy football game together and for the first time in 2015, thanks to our dear Legacies Alive family who provided Gold Star families with tickets and accommodations. That was the same year our friend and NAVY Vet, Chris Ring completed his swim of the Mississippi River and at the game we got to put Daniel’s name on the kayak that Seth used to guide Chris down the muddy Mississippi!

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Last year I was vacationing with a girlfriend in Palm Desert and while my girlfriend was entertaining her granddaughter down by the pool I sat in my room, eventually tears rolling down my cheeks as Army took the win! FINALLY, the 14 year winning streak for Navy had been broken. FINALLY, ARMY had a win! Our daughter was at the game. I will never forget watching floods of cadets jumping down on to the field to congratulate the Army team. It was an exciting day for sure.

winning army navy 2016

This year, our daughter will again attend the game in Philadelphia. I will be watching from the warmth and comfort of my own home. My husband is traveling during the weekend and hopefully will be able to catch some of the game. It is important to us. It became important the day Daniel attended his first Army/ Navy game as a plebe (first year cadet) back in 2003. I remember Daniel telling me about the LONG, frustrating bus ride (due to horrible weather) and the bitter cold as the cadets (who stand for the entire game) cheered and supported their team. The march on to the field, the pride we took that our son was part of it, part of the Long Gray Line! These are memories that are etched into our brains forever! That year when Daniel came home for Christmas the 3 of us received our first Army/Navy shirts as our Christmas gifts, I still have mine. I won’t forget his friends from high school coming over to the house to hear about what West Point life was like for Daniel. He had been gone since late June, too soon after high school graduation. His friends and family listened attentively while Daniel explained to us the crazy, stressful, intense life of a cadet.

TRADITIONS: are important this time of the year, and always. What are your favorite December traditions? If you don’t have too many or any, there is no time like the present to begin some traditions that can be passed down to your children and your children’s children.

You can watch the Army/ Navy rivalry this weekend, Saturday December 9, 2017 with the Hyde’s as we cheer ARMY on, for another WIN!

We miss you Daniel and your football loving, leadership gifted, graceful, beautiful soul. We know however, that you will be watching from the best seat in the house. GO ARMY, BEAT NAVY!


DAniel FBdan in front Daniel