shoes, shopping and sighing…

shoes, shopping and sighing…

I used to love clothes and shopping. USED TO! I don’t enjoy it anymore! Maybe that comes with retirement, maybe with age. Or maybe, when your belly is tired of being squeezed inside your jeans! I would like to wear yoga pants and a tee shirt (without a bra) all the time but my daughter would dis-own me. It’s good; she keeps me trying.


I have a few friends, my age who look beautifully put together EVERY time I see them. They annoy me and they also know I mean that with all the love and jealousy in the world. I’ve never been overly concerned about how I dressed. Jeans with everything! I do flip-flops in public. I don’t think it’s horrible to leave the house in sweats. I wear eye-liner and that’s pretty much it (only on the bottom lid) and a little lip stick now and then. I did discover recently while applying lipstick, I have the nice full lips that people pay a lot of money for. So go me, on the lips! You have to go with what you can still do well! Perhaps I need to take lipstick more seriously.

I’m ALWAYS looking for the perfect pair of jeans and the perfect haircut. The trouble comes when I also want to look like the model in the jeans, or the cute girl with the haircut idea I stole.


Happy Monday and CHEERS to all my well dressed friends…many of whom remain not tagged!






53 years of General Hospital

53 years of General Hospital

I’ve been watching General Hospital for as long as I can remember. It premiered on ABC in 1963 (I was 5). My mom watched it when I was a little girl. When I was home with my day care (in my 30’s) it was on at naptime. When the glorious DVR came to be, I started recording it so I could watch at my leisure without commercials. General Hospital is credited by the Guinness Book of World Records as the 2nd longest-running American soap opera.

People tease and say things like, “you can miss it for a month and still know what’s going on”! Well, that is the beauty of it. My mom hadn’t watched it for years, but I’ve got her hooked again. Next week the old Jason is returning and I couldn’t be more excited. I enjoy sitting for 45 min. and escaping into a world very different from my own.

I realized recently General Hospital has never stopped mentioning God, prayer, and turning to God in times of tragedy. I respect the writers for that. Sunny (the mob boss) turns to God often. It’s a good reminder that no one is excluded from God’s grace.

FullSizeRender (101)Congratulations General Hospital for keeping me interested for 53 years!


The storms of Life

The storms of Life

We had a wild storm last night. It arose out of no-where. I was out trimming plants at 7:30 (in the dark) and by 8:30 lightening and thunder were rolling through here, bringing the loudest storm I’ve heard in the 4 years I’ve lived here. I was thinking how blessed I was to be inside, out of danger and dry.

When storms of life roll through, physical or emotional they can come in a second and change us forever. Nothing can protect us from the storms that await us. All we can do is gather together, wait it out and hope for the sun and the gift of a brighter day.

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In PRAISE of supportive parents

In PRAISE of supportive parents

I thought it appropriate to follow-up my previous post with praise to the parents of the girls I coached and to supportive parents everywhere. COACHES, TEACHERS and NANNY’S, LOVE SUPPORTIVE PARENTS.

In the 16 years I coached I can literally count on my (two) hands the problems I had with parents. That is pretty high praise and well deserved. The reason my cheerleaders were outstanding athletes and disciplined, FABULOUS cheerleaders is because I ran a tight organization and the parents didn’t get in my way. I tolerated no drama or excuses and parents may have not always agreed or liked my methods but they (for the most part) stayed out of my way and let me do my thing. I used running laps as a way to “remind” girls that they talked too much or behavior in any form that was unacceptable would be “rewarded” with laps. It WORKED. First year parents were extremely leery of me (as were their daughters) but once they got to know me they understood why I did what I did and how well it worked. They would see other high school girls mis-behaving or not in sink and would say, “oh wow, our girls are so good”! Other schools did not compare to “our” program and we were proud of it.

I can not emphasize enough to parents of young children how IMPORTANT it is to support your teachers, coaches and nannies. I include nannies because our daughter was a nanny for several years and the parents of the children she cared for were supportive of her and her methods.

It is the most difficult thing in the world to watch your children be reprimanded, punished, disciplined, get a bad grade, or made to wait…but it is SO GOOD FOR THEM TO LEARN CONSEQUENCES. Life if full of consequences and you can’t protect your kids forever. YOU JUST CAN’T. So instead of defending them (even if they are wrong)… PREPARE THEM. Unless it is abusive, let your teachers, coaches and nannies, do their thing. After all, they are the ones who work to get the results they need from your children.

In thanks and praise to all parents who stand back and let the coach, teacher, nanny do their job! THANKS FOR BEING THE BEST PARENTS OUT THERE.

quick funny story: the first year of coaching high school I was having the girls run like 8 laps (that’s 2 miles) for their unacceptable behavior at the previous Friday night football game. One of the older girls (Jr. or senior) stopped running and was saying she couldn’t breath. I kept after her because we all know teenagers have every excuse in the book and she kept stopping. She ended up calling her mom to come out there and I was thinking, Oh boy, her mom is going to let me have it. The girl was telling me she had asthma (an excuse I heard way too many times over the next 15 years) only true 15% of the time. Usually when they said their lungs hurt I would respond with ya, you are out of shape and your lungs burn when you run hard and are not used to it. However, when the mom arrived she confirmed that her daughter did in fact have asthma. Then she followed that with, “but she knows what to do, she has an inhaler. Running a few laps isn’t going to hurt her a bit”. BEST MOM EVER!

From that moment on, I knew there would be challenges but there would also be great support from parents who wanted what I wanted for their kids. To help them become great/responsible/ hard-working adults!

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Proud of my girls

Proud of my girls

In my prior to retired life I was a cheerleading coach. I started coaching when my son was a freshmen in high school and intended to coach for 6 years, until my daughter graduated. In reality I coached 13 years in Modesto and another 3 here in Las Vegas.

One of my goals was to instill in my cheerleaders their future health and fitness. I tried to incorporate good eating ideas and I worked them hard, physically. I wanted them to figure out how to be healthy for the remainder of their life. I wanted them to find something they loved to do, to stay healthy. I emphasized that after they graduated high school it would become more challenging to stay healthy and fit.

I want them to live long and in great health.

Many of my previous cheerleaders are involved in health and fitness programs. Some teach fitness through blogging or live videos, (one in particular) owns her own fitness and wellness studio. Some have coached! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY. I am astounded at how many of my previous ladies are working hard to stay healthy and fit and are encouraging others to do so.

YEARS LATER the lessons you teach may become visible. Health and fitness are important to me so I’m thrilled it has become important in so many of the lives I once influenced. I’M A PROUD COACH. Shout out to every young woman I ever coached that is taking health and fitness seriously! Thanks for listening girls!








“Somehow, even in the worsts of times, the tiniest fragments of good survive. It was the grip in which one held those fragments that counted.

Melina Marchetta

To all those who were, are, and ever shall be impacted by 9-11-01. Your sacrifice is not forgotten.

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Tea Time

Tea Time

I am brewing a great cup of tea right now. It is a combination of two of my favorite teas. Give it a try and see what you think. 1 bag each chai green tea and sweet harvest pumpkin black tea. I steep for 2 minutes. If you cant find the exact pumpkin tea I’m showing (I bought it a year or two ago) I’m sure something similar will work. I hope you enjoy my fall tea choice.

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