in memory of…

in memory of…

On Mother’s Day a couple of years ago my daughter sent me a most meaningful gift.  I want to share the idea because I love it and perhaps if you suffer from the loss of someone you love this would be a meaningful gift for you or to give someone you know that is hurting.

The most difficult thing about leaving Modesto for me, was leaving Daniel’s grave. This beautiful necklace makes that separation a bit easier to handle.



You can google latitude and longitude jewelry. There are several sites that make this type of jewelry. It is a gift I adore and will treasure forever. It just might be the perfect gift for yourself, or someone you know.

I also wanted a ring so I found an etsy shop that makes the same type of jewelry. I love to support small business and I am pleased with this piece as well. This ring gives the location in a different way, with the lot and site numbers.


Before I received this precious gift I had no idea this type of jewelry existed. So hopefully by sharing the information I can inform someone, who also didn’t know.

Nothing will bring back the precious people in our life who go before us, but perhaps this will help in some small and meaningful way.



Monday tip

Monday tip

Good morning everyone! I’ve been a bit distracted working hard in my house. Paint and re-decorating is a lot of work, but it is work I totally enjoy! Then my backyard was like, “man, you are spending all your time in the house, don’t you love me anymore”. So I had to give my poor yard some attention too.

I was getting dressed this morning and thought of a quick tip that might help one or two, so it’s totally worth my time to share.

I love a lower cut or open back shirt. HOWEVER I do NOT love the shirt falling off my shoulders constantly. I have two shirts now that I have added a ribbon tie to, and it really helps. Listen, I’m no seamstress, it’s just a couple of stitches at the right spot and it has  me re-loving these shirts and wearing them.

Hope it helps you too…HAPPY MONDAY

Thank you Presidents! We celebrate you today!

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pictures help

pictures help

I get a lot of decorating ideas from looking at pictures. I notice rooms on television and flip through magazines. It could be a health magazine, Southern Living or the Pottery Barn catalog…whatever.

I was looking at someone else’s blog this morning and noticed a white vase with a plant IN it. The light bulb came on, YES! that is what I need to do with my Christmas cactus.

I wasn’t happy with the way the top of my china cabinet was looking but couldn’t figure out why.

FullSizeRender (99)

My mom just gave me the white pieces, and the little metal box but I couldn’t get the styling right. After looking at a picture this morning this tiny change made a big difference!

FullSizeRender (103)

The cactus INSIDE the white vase is better. That may seem simple, but I needed the help of a picture to figure it out.

FullSizeRender (107)

Now I’m noticing my sad and almost empty wine rack. Time to stock up on wine!

The point is, if it’s not glued down, move it around. It costs you nothing, gives you a new look and helps inspire dusting, and cleaning.

Happy Friday.




driving away

driving away

Today as I drove home from Modesto the sky was speaking to me. The light, the tree silhouettes, the clouds, and the darkness as the sun broke through again.


It was brilliant and peaceful. I was thankful to be driving during sunrise.

During my eight hour trip I thought about my friends and family that I leave behind each time I drive away. I’ve done it many times in 4 years however spending 50 years in one city yields a collection of very special people. I wish I had time to see everyone in my village each time I visit my former home.

Thank you once again my dear friends and family for giving me a life I cherish living.

Until the next time…

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my heart

my heart


My heart is both whole and broken when it comes to you. Whole hearted love and joy for the time we had. Broken and never the same again, without you.

I’m glad we had some time together today. Each visit reminds me what a gift you are. I’m thankful for all the joyful moments, thoughts, reminders and stories, and horribly aware my heart aches because it’s not easy living without you.


So much has changed and so much stays the same. The split rail fence is basically gone. All that remains is the one broken piece…almost 9 years.

So much change. So much the same.

IMG_4790                     IMG_4787


my daily call

my daily call

Since my mom turned 80 I try to give her a daily phone call. Weekends I may miss, or when I’m out of town, but in general I try to call her everyday. I’m not sure why I started doing this but at one point after I started, mom thanked me.

The reality is, she lives alone and she likes the fact that I am checking in regularly.  She finds it comforting.  I am glad to do it and so for both of us it has become something we count on. I usually “rattle on” and she listens unless she has something to interject and then she usually interrupts me to say what is on her mind. If she doesn’t interrupt she will forget. I get this! I do it to my daughter too. Although I try to listen whole heartedly I can sometimes interrupt because I too am concerned I may forget if I don’t.

Sometimes people interrupt because they are trying to add to, or acknowledge your  comments. For whatever reason it happens interruption is real. I personally am working on trying to interrupt less! I don’t believe anyone loves to be interrupted but I also believe we all do it from time to time.

My poor mom has to interrupt me because it is probably the only way she will ever get a word in. If you know me you know the reality of Glenda talk…

I have always had plenty to say!

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Judy & Jim

Yesterday two dear friends got married. It is very special to witness people in their mid-life who have been alone for years, meet, become friends, fall in love & get married! It was a wonderful evening of celebration!

Congratulations to two beautiful individuals becoming a team! 💗💙