Kids…cell phones & social media

Kids…cell phones & social media

Recently I have been reading articles about kids. Our future, our loves, our babies and grandbabies.

Why are kids depressed? suicidal? bullied? alienated? By and large the most common answer is the phone and social media. My feelings are so mixed about cell phones and “progress”. The convenience is second to none, at the same time it is causing some horrible problems. Not just kids, adults are having more issues also related to social media.

At what point do we dare to be different as parents and keep the phone away from the kids until they are older? MUCH OLDER! My kids were given their first cell phones when they started driving. Can you imagine? Now, elementary school kids have them and most 2 year olds know how to use them.

Parents of young children…BE CAREFUL. The ability for your child to be put down and picked on and then any issue spread through the entire school in a second, is real. Kids can be mean. Adults can be mean! For parents the challenges are becoming more and more exhausting. How do you deprive your 6th grader of a phone when everyone else in the classroom has one? I get it. I am so grateful that during my kids elementary years, it wasn’t yet, “the norm”. Some elementary schools have rules and can still apply them regarding cell phones staying in back packs…high schools, not so much.

What struggles do you have with your kids and cell phones? What are your suggestions for keeping the phone usage limited at least until high school?

My “old gal” recommendations are: limit the usage until they enter high school and even then, know how they are using their phone. Talk to your kids about everything, even if you have to drag conversation out of them! Eat dinner together EVERY NIGHT around the table, and have a NO PHONE policy during that time. Encourage sports and playing without any devices so they learn how to be physically healthy. I believe I would insist that my kids leave their phones with me during the night to prevent texts at late hours, sleeping with the phone near their brain, and too little sleep due to interruptions. Remember, YOU are in charge in your house and it’s okay to make rules that are for the safety and well-being of your children.

I encourage you parents of little ones to be diligent in this regard, and we older folks are here to support your diligence for the well-being of the children!


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defined by Webster: FULL development

defined by glenda: being willing to hear another opinion (especially when it disagrees completely with your own) yet respect the person enough (even those you don’t know) to forgo being mean, name calling, arguing, or trying to persuade another to “your” side.

It would be unbelievably boring and without challenge to live in a world where our minds and thoughts are the same. We are not robots…programed, rather we are humans with different minds, thoughts, views, feelings, colors, beliefs, strengths and weaknesses. The name calling and hateful remarks to others who see things differently is despicable.


Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye?        Matthew 7:3

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“I smell poop”…Nico

“I smell poop”…Nico

The best thing about being with little kids is they speak the truth. There is no filter, they are honest. That is refreshing…unless

While I was visiting Nico and Looch in LA, Nico’s pre-school teacher was scheduled for a home visit. The teachers at this school see each child in their home for an hour long visit, early in the school year. THAT IS IMPRESSIVE. Since mom and dad were working, I greeted his teacher and then kept Looch busy.

While Looch and I were in the boys room coloring, the teacher says…”excuse me, do you have some wipes?” so I got up and met her in the hallway. She said while she and Nico were talking Nico said, “I smell poop” and after investigating they found he had stepped in some dog poop while we were outside running.

That was Nico’s truth for the visit. He had a great time playing with and showing his teacher everything he loves about his home and family including his two dogs and the poop that accompanies them!

These little boys came into our lives quite by chance, and have left an irreversible mark on our hearts!

“the next time you come, can you stay for 5 days?” Nico, as I was saying good-bye.






My birthday has come again. It’s my 59th!

Many of my friends turned 60 this year, so I decided to celebrate my 59th in style. I chose a location and invited a few friends. I found a lovely bed and breakfast right across the street from the ocean in Cambria. We had a wonderful weekend of shopping, talking, walking, food, wine, laughter and love.

As we age “things” become less important and memories become everything! I’m grateful for the wonderful memories made and the friends who spent this weekend with me.

“I don’t have a huge house, A brand new car or lots of money. What I do have is an amazing family, friends and memories that will last forever”…

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and as hard as it was to say “until the next time” to my dear friends…


I decided to make one more quick trip before I headed home…

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these little faces were waiting to greet me at the door… HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!


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USMA Class of 2007

USMA Class of 2007

It is difficult to believe that 10 years have passed since you threw your hats in the air in celebration of an incredible accomplishment. You became part of the Long Gray Line. You graduated from WEST POINT!

This weekend brings you together to remember, celebrate, catch up and enjoy looking back on such a marked time in your young lives. You were mere children of 18 (for the most part) when you joined other youngsters to conquer the world, or at least a portion of the world. Look at all you have been through. Many of you deployed into a war-zone, some several times, a war-zone that would change you forever. Many have married and started a family. Many of you continued or are continuing your education in hopes of bettering yourself and/ or to provide a better life for yourself and your family. Many of you, back where it all began teaching and educating young cadets with hopes and dreams similar to your own.

To the entire class of 2007, THANK YOU for everything you have done and continue to do. You are (just by means of where you choose to go to college) selfless, kind, Country loving, unwaveringly strong, intelligent, hopeful, dedicated, talented, giving, incredibly impressive people.

To those of you that I / we have met and learned to love, I / we are so proud to know you and be in company with such brilliant young people. To those of you that I / we have not yet had the pleasure of meeting, I hope we can make that happen someday. If you are ever close to Las Vegas, please get in touch with us so I can shake your hand…oh lets be real, so I can give you a hug and tell you in person how proud I am to know you.


To those of you that continue to wear Daniel’s bracelet or think of him…you know how I / we feel about you. Thank you could never be enough!

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tasty “Oktoberfest” crockpot dinner

tasty “Oktoberfest” crockpot dinner

A couple of years ago I ran across this recipe for brats and sauerkraut in the crockpot. It is delicious and easy and that’s a great combination!

I basically throw in however many brats I want, sauerkraut over the brats. Then add an onion chopped, 2 granny smith apples chopped (without skin), and brown sugar sprinkled over the top of everything. I think the recipe calls for 2 Tbsp. of brown sugar, I just eyeball it. Cook on low for 4 hours. SO SCRUMPTOUS. You can find the recipe on Slow-Cooker Bratwurst with Sauerkraut and Apples. I do NOT add the caraway seeds.

Throw everything in and wait…I LOVE my crockpot! While waiting on dinner I made a fun centerpiece for fall. Stay tuned to see the centerpiece…



the Holidays (health & fitness)

the Holidays (health & fitness)

Halloween seems to start the Holiday eating & drinking game. Halloween candy, fancy fall cocktails, then Turkey with all the fixings and December Cookies, Holiday coffees, and parties! FOOD. FOOD. FOOD.

It’s a challenge to stay healthy during the Holidays but maybe these ideas will help.

Obviously, buy candy for Halloween that you don’t like. That way the left-overs are easy to throw away. Be determined to get at least 30 minutes of exercise in no matter what, so you can enjoy some treats. Try to eat more salads, and veggies to balance out all the sweets. When going out for a meal, share it with a friend or spouse. When eating at home, fix your plate at the stove, don’t bring the food to the table. Let one portion be the only portion…no seconds! And to really test your strength- back off the booze a little bit!

What’s your favorite tummy temptation for Halloween? I love a soft butterfinger which is why there are non in the tummy yummy container.

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